Wednesday, 18 November 2009

This is really Ethiopia - I kid you not!

Me, myself and I at Angel Falls in Awash National Park

Accomodations at the rustic Angel Falls Lodge

Hot Springs

Afar people ...a nomadic tribe know for their fierceness... as with many of these places in Ethiopia you have to bring an armed guard with you

Four hours south of Addis takes you to Awash National Park. You gottta get there before 6pm to gain entrance to the park and accommodations are scarce in this part of the world…well decent ones anyways. Angel Falls Lodge is newly opened one with a great location on the edge of the Falls. The Falls are not high by any standards but in landlocked Ethiopia the roar of the water rushing over the falls is not to be missed. Angels Falls Lodge is what you would call rustic.

Dawn sees the planned game drive eclipsed by a curious baboon who decided to come right into my room …climb onto my bed just as I was brushing my teeth…up close and personal or what!

Just over one hour of the main road are the hot springs…should be called hot hot springs…but there is no way you would believe they are the end of this rugged dusty road…not to be missed! Crystal clear waters and the most amazing turquoise...a gem of a place.

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  1. Mary it suonds as if you are having the most amazing experience... continue to enjoy and I look forward to more updates!!

    LB x