Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Christmas comes early to year 3

Courtesy of Maths Buddy in Northern Ireland ... a great box of maths games for the kids to explore and learn with... not to mention the percy pigs sweets that are my favourite that found their way into the box... home 'sweet' home!

Check out their website http://www.mathsbudy.co.uk

UN Through Year 3 Eyes

In preparation for UN day on Friday 23rd of October we were discussing flags and nations and there will be a big celebration at our school...so one of my year 3 pupils asked what is the UN and after my explaination another pupil wanted to know why they hadn't come to help when a famous Ethiopian pop star had died and did they help when Michael Jackson died? So needless to say a little more explaination was needed! Classic!

Photos to follow our Friday celebration...

Abba Night to Raise Money for the Food Run

The girls had fun... no regrets and 15000 birr was raised!

Heading South

An Idyllic Saturday spent one hour south of Addis... managed to bypass the prison...lunch by the lake and shopping on the way home!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I can handle life in Addis... no problem!

I have moved house...still near school...but to a five bedroom five bathroom 3 storey house...it is a new build and 3 of us are sharing it...balconies...total party pad...it comes complete with Russian 'bling' chandeliers...the whole laugh is there are bells all over the house...even in the bathrooms...so we are interviewing for a butler...know anyone who might want to interview?

Photos to follow...roll on the weekend for the first bash!

Monday, 12 October 2009

Royal Mail Delivers!

Yipee...the feather boas have arrived and I am so ready to paint the town red this weekend with the girls...the tailor is doing his stuff and heres hoping that lots of money is raised this weekend for the Food Run....and maybe just maybe I will be in the Addis mansion by then!..pics to follow.

Learning lots about life in Addis...a village for sure but not like the Irish villages I am used to!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Thank Crunchie Its Friday

...boy do I need a crunchie today...the rain has returned...so no the 13 months of sunshine have not arrived yet...power outages and a feeling of cold...well I know I am a wimp as far as cold is concerned...so yea it is all relative.

Off to the Greek club tonight and hoping for a quite one so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Went to a small art exhibition yesterday with Ginny and Christine and I saw 2 I liked...so will be looking forward to making a few purchases in the next feww weeks.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

10 powerful 2 letter words

If it is to be it is up to me!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Irish Needs a New Do

Who needs Vidal Sassoon when you have these guys!

Hanging out with the 3M Angels

National Museum of Ethiopia

Miss Shewaye tells us all about the past

Crowns fit for a kingYou can find Lucy's bones here - over 3 million years old...what a find!

3M are shaping up!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Any excuse to look silly in a hat!

This time it was at the Octoberfest at the Hilton! Christine and a true German..................................................Jinny and his friend

It's been going since 1997...not sure who this leprechaun is ... but these guys all teach at Sandford.

3M in view

Monsterously good art work by my angels...Ann reminded me last week it was Angel day and this morning I found this little card that Peter and ciara gave me...

It's easy to lose track sometimes and feel you've lost your way- you wonder how to carry on when clouds are dark and grey. But you've an angel helper who is waiting by your side. Sent to you from heaven to be your special guide. Their lovely light will stay as bright through every new tomorrow. And keep you safe from harm on all the pathways that you follow.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Boston Day Spa

...perfect way to end a day...oil massage...could barely stand up I was soooo relaxed...but they wouldn't let me sleep there so I had to struggle home ...didn't even turn on the lights straight to bed with my hot water bottle for comfort and Duke Special on the iPod...heaven sent...what will Sunday bring...have the 13 months of sunshine arrived?

Fab Friday

Thinking back to those california days when on finishing school on Friday... the Yogi's gang met in a sports bar in Cardiff- by-the-Sea...many margaritas later - we never seemed to be able to keep count despite Darlene's best efforts by using the petals of the flowers as our counting apparatus...but then her real forte was the b-ball machine anyway!Won't go there...

So Friday in Addis...started with a plus my shower in the house got fixed...so first hot shower in 10 days. So all scubbed up and shiny I went to Serenade resturant...it is worth flying to Addis just for the experience. Went there last year when I was on vacation here and fond memories of a couple of great nights especially with Cindy, Jan, Paula and Sally...we won't mention the piano playing!

Enjoyed dinner and then on to the Sheraton...just caught the last few songs of the band and glad to see that the place was packed...this year managed to make it to Gaslight the club at the Sheraton...great place to check out in Addis! But my favourtie is one of the cosy bars upstairs that prove it is possible to have comfortable sofas in Addis ...you just need to be on the worlds rich list to afford them!!

So Friday in Addis a world away from my Californian days but just as much fun and drama and left me smiling out loud :-)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Feather Boas...

on the way from Ireland...great news ...what ever will we do with them?