Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Teachers go on a Field Trip

Friday afternoon at 3.30 saw Sandford teachers escape the chaos of Addis for the more relaxed surroundings of Weliso and the nearby Wenchi Crater...all organised Rachel from the secondary end of the school.

About 2 hours drive took us to Negash Lodge...the pictures tell again of a place so far removed from our image of Ethiopia...accessability is an issue that perhaps keeps these little gems well hidden...but boy is it worth taking the time to explore places like this...even if I did get sunstroke!
The crater is an hour and a half from the lodge...breathtaking!

Melissa, Mary W, Iris, Sophie, Ginny, Me, Christine
It was a one and a half hour walk to the base of the crater

Sophie and Mary W

We took a boat across the lake and picniced on the other side before our journey through the valley.


Tree Bar at Negash Lodge

A whole variety of accomodations is awailable at the lodge...this is one of the newer ones

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