Saturday, 3 October 2009

Fab Friday

Thinking back to those california days when on finishing school on Friday... the Yogi's gang met in a sports bar in Cardiff- by-the-Sea...many margaritas later - we never seemed to be able to keep count despite Darlene's best efforts by using the petals of the flowers as our counting apparatus...but then her real forte was the b-ball machine anyway!Won't go there...

So Friday in Addis...started with a plus my shower in the house got first hot shower in 10 days. So all scubbed up and shiny I went to Serenade is worth flying to Addis just for the experience. Went there last year when I was on vacation here and fond memories of a couple of great nights especially with Cindy, Jan, Paula and Sally...we won't mention the piano playing!

Enjoyed dinner and then on to the Sheraton...just caught the last few songs of the band and glad to see that the place was packed...this year managed to make it to Gaslight the club at the Sheraton...great place to check out in Addis! But my favourtie is one of the cosy bars upstairs that prove it is possible to have comfortable sofas in Addis just need to be on the worlds rich list to afford them!!

So Friday in Addis a world away from my Californian days but just as much fun and drama and left me smiling out loud :-)

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